Does Ichigo Still Have Fullbring

The supernatural world of Bleach has always been filled with surprises. One of the biggest surprises was the introduction of Ichigo’s Fullbring powers. But since the end of the Fullbring saga, there has been speculation about whether or not Ichigo still has these powers. In this article, we will explore the evidence and answer the question: Does Ichigo Still Have Fullbring?

How Does Ichigo First Lose His Powers

To gain insight into how Ichigo was able to regain his powers, it’s crucial to examine how he lost them in the first place. 

Ichigo lost his soul reaper powers following an intense and climactic battle with Sosuke Aizen, who was the strongest character in the Bleach universe at that point in the series. Consequently, Ichigo had to make significant sacrifices.

In preparation for his final battle against Aizen, Ichigo undergoes rigorous training in the Dangai, a realm where time stands still. This allowed him to gain years of training in mere seconds, enabling him to confront his opponent. 

During his time in the Dangai, Ichigo learns his ultimate form: The Final Getsuga Tenshou. However, this powerful ability comes at a significant cost – Ichigo must permanently sacrifice his soul-reaper powers. 

As a result, after defeating Aizen, Ichigo loses access to his abilities. Nonetheless, he is content as the spirit world is now secure, at least for the time being.

How Does Ichigo Get His Powers Back Post Fullbring

Following the explosive ‘Battle of Karakura’ arc, the next arc in Bleach is known as the ‘Fullbring’ arc. However, this arc is somewhat controversial among fans who argue that the series should have concluded after Aizen’s defeat. 

In this arc, viewers witness Ichigo’s struggle to return to a normal life without his Shinigami powers. Throughout the arc, Ichigo encounters a group called the ‘Fullbringers’, who are humans with an exceptional understanding of their spirituality. 

This enables them to manipulate and enhance the spirits within all things. It is important to note that Fullbringers do not possess their own spiritual energy, but instead, they harness the spiritual energy of others. During his time with the Fullbringers, Ichigo discovers and learns to control his own Fullbring powers, which differ significantly from his soul reaper abilities. 

Although Ichigo gradually regains some of his spiritual energy, he never fully recovers his original strength as a fullbringer. At the conclusion of the arc, it is revealed that the Fullbringer leader, Ginjo, had been manipulating Ichigo to steal his powers. With the help of his old Shinigami friends, Ichigo confronts Ginjo, who becomes increasingly powerful. 

This turning point leads to Ichigo’s reacquisition of his powers, as he is stabbed with Rukia’s sword imbued with spirit energy from the Gotei 13 captains, just as he was when he first gained his powers. This causes Ichigo to regain possession of his Zangetsu and makes him more formidable than ever before.

What Are Ichigo’s Powers

Ichigo Kurosaki is one of the most powerful soul reapers in the spirit world at the end of the series, possessing a vast array of abilities. Even without spiritual powers, Ichigo’s speed and strength are extraordinary. 

However, his reiatsu and spiritual powers greatly enhance his combat abilities, enabling him to match some of the strongest opponents. Ichigo’s Zanpakuto can transform into the Bankai form of Tensa Zangetsu, further increasing his speed and strength. It’s important to note that Ichigo possesses other sources of power. 

Due to the way he received his Shinigami powers, he also has hollow powers, which allow him to enter a hollow form that boosts his strength and speed to an animalistic level, but he’s reluctant to use these powers for fear of losing control. 

Additionally, Ichigo has Quincy powers, and his Zangetsu is actually a manifestation of his latent Quincy abilities. This means that he has been using Quincy abilities since the beginning of the series, and they enable him to enhance his strength and defense.

FAQ About Does Ichigo Still Have Fullbring

What Is Ichigo’s Fullbring Called?

At first, Jackie’s greater expertise puts Ichigo at a disadvantage, but he manages to activate his Fullbring power, called Bringer Light, and turn the tide. As the fight progresses, Ichigo’s powers become harder to control, but he insists on continuing the battle despite Jackie’s attempts to call it off.

Did Ichigo Get Back His Fullbring?

In the latest arc, Ichigo is still able to access his Hollow powers. After getting his sword reforged by Oetsu Nimaiya, he is able to use his Hollow form without any trouble. It is revealed that Old man Zangetsu is actually the manifestation of his Quincy side, while his white Hollow doppelganger is his true Zanpakuto spirit.

What Episode Does Ichigo Get Fullbring?

The Bleach anime’s three hundred fifty third episode is titled “Ichigo, Mastering the Fullbring!”


After much speculation, it appears that Ichigo does indeed still have his Fullbring ability. His powers were not taken away by the Hōgyoku and he was able to use it during his battle with Aizen. While the exact extent of his powers is unclear, it appears that he has retained his Fullbring, at least in part. It remains to be seen what other new abilities Ichigo will discover in the future.

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