How Did Minato Die: The Tragic Fate of the Fourth Hokage

Minato Namikaze, also known as the Fourth Hokage, was one of the most beloved characters in the Naruto universe. He was a legendary ninja who played a significant role in the history of the Hidden Leaf Village. However, his story was cut short when he met his tragic end. Fans have been wondering for years about how he died and what led to his demise. In this article, we will explore the events that led to Minato’s death and shed light on this heartbreaking chapter of Naruto’s story.

How Did Minato Die?

During the attack of the Nine-Tailed Fox on the Hidden Leaf Village, everyone banded together to defend their home, including the Third Hokage who joined the effort. While fighting for their lives, they all anxiously awaited the arrival of the Fourth Hokage. 

The masked man who had summoned the beast had a sinister plan to destroy the village and sought to capture and kill Minato. However, Minato’s legendary speed earned him the moniker “Yellow Flash of the Leaf,” and he managed to escape the masked man’s clutches using his teleportation technique. 

The masked man pursued Minato, leading to a fierce battle between the two. Despite Minato’s attempts to end the fight quickly, the masked man evaded his attacks. In the end, Minato recognized the superior nature of his opponent’s teleportation technique, which surpassed his own Flying Raijin Jutsu. The fate of the Fourth Hokage was sealed in this tragic confrontation.

Kamui vs Flying Raijin (4th Hokage’s Deathmatch)

Tobi’s use of the Kamui Jutsu allowed him to effortlessly evade Minato’s attacks during their confrontation. Meanwhile, Minato relied on his Flying Raijin teleportation technique to keep up with his opponent’s movements. As the battle between the two progressed, it became clear that the fight would be won or lost based on which ninja’s teleportation technique proved superior.

Minato eventually discovered Tobi’s ability to turn himself intangible when attacked, allowing him to slip through his opponent’s attacks and counter-attack while remaining invisible. However, Minato quickly figured out a way to overcome this challenge. He realized that Tobi became tangible again just after he completed his attacks and claimed to be Madara. 

With this knowledge in hand, Minato took advantage of the moment right before Tobi’s attack and outsmarted him by smashing a Rasengan with the help of his incredible speed and Flying Raijin technique. Finally, Minato used a reverse seal to separate the Nine-Tails from Tobi, bringing an end to their battle.

Minato Seals Kurama

Minato Seals Kurama

Following his victory over the enigmatic masked man Tobi, Minato returned to the Hidden Leaf Village to confront Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox. He used his teleportation technique to transport the beast and a tailed beast bomb outside the village, away from innocent lives. 

After that, he gathered his wife Kushina and newborn son Naruto and prepared to use a powerful Jutsu called the Reaper Death Seal to seal away half of Kurama’s power inside himself. However, this technique came with a steep cost, as it required a human sacrifice, and Minato knew he would die as a result. Undeterred, he used the Jutsu to seal away Kurama’s power, ensuring that it wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. 

He then took the remaining half of Kurama’s power and sealed it within his son Naruto using a complex 8 sign seal. Minato knew that Tobi was not just some random adversary and that he would pose a threat in the future, so he entrusted the immense power and responsibilities of Kurama to his son. 

He believed that Naruto would be the one to stop Tobi in the future, and with that, he sacrificed his life to ensure a brighter future for the Hidden Leaf Village.

Minato And Kushina Stop Kurama’s Attempt

While Minato was tending to Kushina after the battle, Kurama sensed an opportunity to strike and attempted to kill their newborn son Naruto. In a selfless act of sacrifice, both Minato and Kushina used their own bodies to shield their child from the attack. 

Despite the severity of the situation, neither of them died from the encounter. However, Minato knew that his time was limited because he had used the powerful and fatal Reaper Death Seal technique to seal away half of Kurama’s power inside himself, ensuring that the beast could never harm the village again. 

Minato’s decision to use the Jutsu had sealed his fate, and he would soon succumb to its fatal effects.

FAQ About How Did Minato Die

Who Kills Minato?

While on his infiltration mission, Obito Uchiha crosses paths with Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, and they engage in battle. Minato manages to defeat Obito and breaks Kurama free from Obito’s control. Obito retreats, leaving the Hidden Leaf Village to face the rampage of the Nine-Tails, which ultimately leads to the deaths of both Minato and Kushina.

How Does Minato Come Back to Life?

When Naruto tried to remove the seal that held the Nine-Tails, Minato’s spirit intervened and restored the seal one final time. Later, when Orochimaru undid the Reaper Death Seal, it resulted in the revival of Minato and the other previous Hokage.

What Episode Does Minato Die?

“Minato’s Death” (ミナトの死, Minato no Shi) is the title of episode 350 in the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Why Did Minato and Kushina Die?

Naruto Uzumaki lost both of his parents, Minato Namikaze (also known as the Fourth Hokage) and Kushina Uzumaki (who had previously been the jinchuriki for the Nine-Tailed Fox spirit) in their attempt to stop the powerful beast Kurama from destroying the Hidden Leaf Village.


Minato is a beloved character in the Naruto series, despite his death occurring before the beginning of the show. As the series progresses, we learn more about his demise through flashbacks and backstory. Minato valiantly defended both his village and his newborn son Naruto from the 9 Tails and the masked man Tobi. 

In the end, he made the ultimate sacrifice by using the forbidden Jutsu known as the Reaper Death Seal to seal half of the 9 Tails inside of himself, thereby quelling the chaos and protecting the village from further destruction.

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