Who Is Kiyomi Uchiha – Things You Didn’t Know About

Many people are curious about who Is Kiyomi Uchiha? Is she a real character? When was she first introduced? Is she featured in Boruto or not?

It is theorized by fans that Kiyomi Uchiha was the third child of Fugaku Uchiha and the younger sister of Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha. However, due to being isolated and exiled from the Uchiha clan following her birth, Kiyomi has remained largely unknown.

Despite the Uchiha massacre, Itachi refrained from killing either of his siblings – his younger sister, or his younger brother, Sasuke.

Who is Kiyomi Uchiha?

Who is Kiyomi Uchiha

Kiyomi Uchiha, often referred to simply as Kiyomi, is a kunoichi from the Uchiha clan. She has a twin brother, Sasuke, and an older brother, Itachi, and was exiled at birth, but was reincorporated into the clan during her childhood. She is a kunoichi, like Sakura, but not of the medical ninja type. 

She is a talented, educated, and capable young woman who is proactive and committed to her goals. She has a charming and amiable personality, being able to win the trust of those around her with her words and actions.

The Appearance of Kiyomi Uchiha

Kiyomi has long, straight, black hair, much like Sakura’s before she cut it. She has pitch black eyes and a slim figure, slightly shorter than Sakura. She wears a gray shirt with the Uchiha logo, along with a dark gray jacket. 

A blue backpack hangs around her neck, and bandages wrap around her left arm and right elbow. She wears black capris with a weapon pouch on her right thigh and more bandages down her legs until her knees. Lastly, she wears blue sandals and a head protector/headband.

The Abilities of Kiyomi Uchiha

The Abilities of Kiyomi Uchiha

Kiyomi is renowned as a remarkable genius of the Uchiha clan, having graduated at the pinnacle of her class in the Academy. 

Her strength was such that she could battle even the strongest of shinobi, such as Haku and Gaara, and she even managed to put pressure on Akatsuki member Itachi and the Fourth Raikage. 

Just like her elder brothers Sasuke and Itachi, Kiyomi has proven to be a prodigy of the Uchiha clan.

During her time with Orochimaru, Kiyomi learns to summon snakes for various purposes. She often uses them as protective shields, to launch attacks on fast-moving targets, or to bind her opponents.

Snakes, or Hebi in Japanese, are famously known as kyodaija (literally meaning “Giant Snakes”) and are the signature summons of Orochimaru, his assistant Kabuto Yakushi, and their students: Sasuke Uchiha, Anko Mitarashi, and Kiyomi Uchiha. These reptiles are inhabitants of the Ryūchi Cave.

Ren (レン), a summoning snake, resides in the Ryūchi Cave and has pledged loyalty to Kiyomi Uchiha.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kiyomi Uchiha

Is Kiyomi Uchiha Official?

Kiyomi Uchiha is not a real character in the Naruto series. She was made up by the writers, which is why her stories are never concrete and her abilities were never fully explored. 

As the series concluded, no further details were given about her.

What Is Kiyomi Uchiha Backstory?

Kiyomi was raised in a small, wintry village in the Land of Water. She and her twin brother, Raiden, had parents who were living in an area that had not yet recovered from war. 

This conflict saw ninja fight on two sides, with some of them using powerful kekkei genkai techniques. Despite the violence, Kiyomi and Raiden were able to grow up in the midst of the conflict.

What Episode Did Kiyomi Uchiha Appear in Boruto?

Kiyomi Asai portrays Hanabi Hyûga in the 2017 Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode “Yume no otsuge,” according to IMDb.


No matter how much we dream up and discuss fan-made characters, Kiyomi Uchiha will never be a part of the Naruto or Boruto series. The creators of the series will never make her an official character, so there is no chance she will be adapted into the anime.

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