Why Does Kaido Want to Kill Himself

Kaido is known for his incredible strength and ruthlessness. Despite his strength and power, Kaido has a deep-seated desire to end his own life. This article will discuss the reasons why does kaido want to kill himself. It will explore his inner turmoil and motivations, as well as how his past experiences have shaped his current state of mind.

Who Is Kaido

Kaido is a character in the One Piece manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda. He is one of the Four Emperors, powerful pirates who rule over the New World, a sea region in the world of One Piece. Kaido is known as the “Strongest Creature in the World” and is a formidable opponent, feared by many.

He is the captain of the Beasts Pirates, a crew of pirates known for their animalistic behavior, and is known for his immense strength and durability. Kaido has a reputation for being difficult to defeat and has a bounty of over 4 billion berries, the currency in the world of One Piece, on his head. 

It is revealed that he was born on the same day as Whitebeard, another powerful pirate, and that they have a long and complicated history together. Kaido was also present at Marineford, a location where many of the world’s strongest pirates gathered, during the time of the Whitebeard War.

Kaido is known to have a close relationship with his crew, the Beasts Pirates, and is fiercely loyal to them. He has a strong desire to prove his strength and will go to great lengths to do so, including seeking out strong opponents to fight and conquer. Kaido is also known to be a strategic thinker and is willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve his goals.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Kaido has a complex personality and is not one-dimensional. He is known to have a softer side and has been shown to care deeply for those close to him, including his crew and his fellow Four Emperors. Overall, Kaido is a formidable and complex character in the world of One Piece, with a mysterious past and a clear desire to prove his strength and succeed in his goals. 

Why Does Kaido Want to Kill Himself – Reasons

Kaido has been struggling with suicidal thoughts and has attempted to take his own life multiple times. In the story, the reason for his suicidal behavior is not explicitly stated. Here, we will explore the various possible reasons that may have driven Kaido to contemplate suicide.

Kaido’s Devil Fruit Is Immensely Powerful

During the God Valley incident, Big Mom gifted Kaido with a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit. 

This fruit grants Kaido the ability to transform into an azure dragon, as well as access to elemental powers such as fiery blasts and devastating tornadoes.

Furthermore, Zoan users in One Piece are granted a significant increase in their physical stats, making Kaido’s offensive and defensive capabilities even more formidable.

Kaido’s Rise To The Pinnacle Of Piracy

As stated previously in the story, the former members of the Rocks Pirates all grew in strength and made great reputations for themselves. Eventually, Kaido was recaptured by the Marines, but before they could take him away, he managed to break free and rescue King as the first member of his crew. Ten years after the God Valley Incident, Kaido had already become a notorious pirate, known and feared as the “Embodiment of Strength”. At the suggestion of Higurashi, Kaido decided to take control of Wano Country and gain access to their weapons, in order to become the most powerful pirate of them all.

Having grown up in a war-torn environment and struggling to stay alive, Kaido’s outlook on life was molded by the belief that peace can only be achieved through brutality and all humans are animals. He then adopted the philosophy of survival of the fittest, which was demonstrated in his numerous actions throughout the story and in the name of his pirate crew, the Beasts Pirates. Kaido was determined to become more powerful and thus accepted Higurashi’s proposal to move to Wano Country, where he could manufacture weapons and increase his influence in the world. During his stay in Wano, he was able to build a large arsenal of weapons and expand his trading business.

After Kaido won the battle against Oden with the help of Higurashi, he remained in Wano Country with the goal of waiting for Joyboy. Yamato stated that Oden wanted to open Wano Country for the arrival of Joyboy, and this became Kaido’s purpose for staying in Wano. Kaido desired to be defeated by Joyboy and, after biding his time and increasing his power to become the strongest creature, he was ready to meet Joyboy when they would come to Wano.

Kaido’s Obsession And Dream

Oda’s approach to his villains is clear: he prefers to not kill them off and instead leaves them alive to continue existing as antagonists in the story. This is evident in his treatment of both Kaido and Doflamingo. Despite the fact that Kaido has done many terrible things and is wanted dead by the Samurai of Wano and Kid, Oda has chosen to keep him alive. Similarly, Doflamingo, who is viewed as a horrible human being, is still alive and continues to be a major antagonist in the series. Oda’s aversion to killing his villains reflects his writing style, which emphasizes storytelling rather than bloodshed. He wants to tell a compelling story and believes that killing off the villains would limit the possibilities of the story.

Kaido has been driven by the desire of becoming the next Joy Boy, but has since come to the realization that he is not the one to inherit the title. Instead, it is his obsession with death that has been the driving force behind his actions. This fascination is most likely due to his experiences with the Rocks Pirates, where he witnessed the death of Captain Rocks D. Xebec. Now, Kaido strives to die in a similar grand manner, as seen with Roger and Whitebeard, in order to attain true perfection. In this way, he hopes to emulate the heroic deaths of these two legendary pirates.

Roger’s death, although tragic, left a lasting legacy on the world, ushering in the Great Pirate Era and introducing the world to One Piece. On the other hand, Rocks’ death, while powerful, was largely forgotten due to the God Valley Incident being covered up. As a result, nobody knows of his death, or even his existence now. For the powerful pirate Kaido, the perfect death would be one that is remembered for ages to come, and will immortalize his name. This is exactly what he desires.

Luffy and Oda go to great lengths to ensure that villains never get what they want. Kaido’s desire to die in a grand way at the hands of someone who surpasses him is not something Luffy would grant him. Instead, Luffy will likely defeat Kaido completely and leave him alive, potentially imprisoning him or incapacitating him in some way to guarantee that he is eventually forgotten.

His Endurance Is Straight-up Legendary

Kaido is a fearsome opponent, and he proved it during the Onigashima Raid by withstanding numerous powerful attacks. From Raizo’s redirected Bolo Breath and the strongest Red Scabbard’s Paradise Waterfall, to Luffy’s Gear Fourth Kong Gattling and Killer’s Sonic Scyther, Law’s Injection Shot and Gamma Knife, Kid’s Punk Slam, Zoro’s Dragon Twister and Ashura, Luffy’s new Conqueror Haki techniques, and Yamato’s Raimei Hakke and Shinsoku Hakujaku, Kaido took all of these powerful attacks and kept on fighting.

Even after all these powerful assaults, Kaido was still standing while most of his opponents were taken out. This is a testament to Kaido’s immense strength and endurance.

He Can Take Out Strong Enemies in a Single Hit

He Can Take Out Strong Enemies in a Single Hit

Kaido is feared among the pirates of the Grand Line for his ability to coat his attacks with Conqueror’s Haki, an advanced technique that allows him to easily incapacitate even the strongest of foes. 

This was especially evident at the beginning of the Wano Country arc, where he managed to knock out Luffy in a single hit despite the fact that Luffy had Gear Fourth active, which allowed him to overpower formidable opponents like Donquixote Doflamingo and Charlotte Cracker. Kaido’s knockout blows were also seen during the Onigashima Raid, where he easily defeated the Red Scabbards and Supernovas. 

Even Roronoa Zoro and Trafalgar Law, two of the most powerful One Piece characters, were not safe from Kaido’s destructive attacks.

In The End

Kaido’s decision to attempt suicide is complex and difficult to understand. It is likely that a combination of factors, such as mental illness, feelings of hopelessness, and a lack of resources or support, are contributing to his despair. While it is not possible to know for certain why Kaido has come to this decision.

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