Why Does Levi Hate Kenny? Unraveling the Mysterious Relationship Between Attack on Titan’s Characters

Levi Ackerman and Kenny Ackerman are two characters in the popular anime and manga series, “Attack on Titan”. They are both skilled soldiers and members of the Scout Regiment, but their relationship is strained and complicated. Levi harbors a deep hatred for Kenny, which is evident in their interactions throughout the series. The reason for Levi’s hatred towards Kenny is revealed gradually as the story progresses, and it stems from their shared past and the events that took place during their childhood. Understanding the history between these two characters is crucial to comprehending the complex dynamics of the story and the motivations behind their actions. In this essay, we will delve deeper into the reasons why does Levi hate Kenny and explore the impact of their animosity on the plot of “Attack on Titan”.

Why Does Levi Hate Kenny?

Levi’s hatred for Kenny is not a recent development; in fact, it dates back to their childhood. Both Levi and Kenny grew up in the Underground City, a dark and dingy place where crime and poverty were rampant. However, their paths diverged when they were young. While Kenny became a notorious criminal and assassin, Levi chose to join the Survey Corps, hoping to make a difference in the world beyond the walls. Despite their different paths, their lives intersected multiple times, and each encounter only fueled their mutual animosity.

One of the main reasons behind Levi’s hatred for Kenny is the fact that he feels betrayed by him. When Levi was a child, he was taken in by Kenny, who was his mother’s brother. However, Kenny only saw Levi as a tool to carry out his own agenda, which involved overthrowing the monarchy and seizing power for himself. Kenny trained Levi to become a skilled fighter and assassin, but he did so in a brutal and abusive manner, leaving scars both physical and emotional. When Levi found out about Kenny’s true intentions, he felt like his whole life had been a lie, and he swore to never forgive him.

Another reason why Levi hates Kenny is that he sees him as a symbol of his past. Levi has always struggled with his identity and his place in the world, and he resents the fact that Kenny represents the life he left behind. To Levi, Kenny embodies everything that he despises about the Underground City – the violence, the greed, the despair. By hating Kenny, Levi is, in a way, trying to distance himself from his own past and move forward.

The History Between Levi and Kenny

To truly understand the reasons behind Levi’s hatred for Kenny, we need to take a closer look at their shared history. Levi was born to a prostitute mother and an unknown father, and he grew up in poverty and squalor. His mother died when he was still young, and he was left to fend for himself on the streets. It was then that he met Kenny, who took him under his wing and trained him to become a skilled fighter.

Kenny, on the other hand, was a notorious criminal and assassin who had worked for the monarchy for many years. He was known for his ruthlessness and his ability to get any job done, no matter how dirty or dangerous. However, he eventually became disillusioned with the monarchy and decided to take matters into his own hands. He formed a group of like-minded individuals who shared his vision of overthrowing the monarchy and taking control of the government.

Levi was initially unaware of Kenny’s true intentions and believed that he was simply training him to become a skilled fighter. However, as he grew older and more experienced, he began to see the cracks in Kenny’s facade. He witnessed firsthand the brutality and violence that his uncle was capable of, and he began to question the morality of their actions.

One of the defining moments in their shared history was the day that Kenny killed Levi’s only friends. They were two fellow orphans who had befriended Levi and had become like family to him. However, they had also become liabilities, as they knew too much about Kenny’s plans. Without a second thought, Kenny murdered them in front of Levi, leaving him traumatized and alone.

This event marked a turning point in Levi’s life. It was the moment when he realized that he could no longer trust his uncle and that he needed to forge his own path in life. He joined the Survey Corps, hoping to find a sense of purpose and meaning in his life, and to make a difference in the world.

The Feud Between Levi and Kenny

Despite Levi’s decision to leave the Underground City and join the Survey Corps, his past continued to haunt him. Kenny and his group continued to operate in the shadows, and they crossed paths with Levi on multiple occasions. Each encounter only served to deepen their mutual animosity, as they both saw each other as obstacles to their own goals.

One of the most dramatic moments in their feud came during the Uprising arc of the series. In this arc, the Survey Corps discovered a conspiracy within the government, and they were tasked with overthrowing the corrupt leaders and restoring order. However, Kenny and his group had their own plans for the government, and they clashed with Levi and the Survey Corps in a bloody battle.

During this battle, Levi and Kenny engaged in a brutal fight, which ended with Levi emerging victorious. However, the emotional scars from their shared history remained, and Levi continued to harbor a deep hatred for his uncle.

FAQ About Why Does Levi Hate Kenny

Is Kenny really Levi’s uncle?

Yes, Kenny is Levi’s mother’s brother, which makes him his uncle.

Did Kenny ever show any affection towards Levi?

Not really. Kenny saw Levi as a tool to carry out his own agenda, and he trained him in a brutal and abusive manner. There is no evidence to suggest that he ever cared for Levi as a person.

Was Levi always aware of Kenny’s true intentions?

No, Levi was initially unaware of Kenny’s plans to overthrow the monarchy and seize power for himself. It was only as he grew older and more experienced that he began to see the cracks in Kenny’s facade.

Has Levi ever forgiven Kenny?

No, Levi has never forgiven Kenny for his actions. Their shared history has left deep emotional scars on both of them, and their feud continues to this day.

Will we ever see a resolution to their feud?

It’s hard to say. The series is still ongoing, and there is always a possibility that their storylines will intersect again in the future.

How does Levi’s hatred for Kenny affect his relationships with others?

Levi’s hatred for Kenny has made him a very closed-off and emotionally distant person. He struggles to form meaningful relationships with others, as he is always wary of being betrayed or hurt.

Parting Shot

Levi’s hatred towards Kenny is a result of their complicated history and conflicting goals. Their feud represents a clash of ideals and values, and it’s shaped by their individual personalities and motivations. While their story may not have a clear resolution, their relationship remains one of the most compelling and thought-provoking elements of the Attack on Titan series.

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