Why Does Obanai Hate Tanjiro

Obanai Iguro is one of the Pillars in the Demon Slayer Corps, a highly skilled and powerful swordsman. However, throughout the series, Obanai has shown a strong animosity towards the protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado. This raises the question: Why does Obanai hate Tanjiro? In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Obanai’s hatred towards Tanjiro.

The history of the Iguro family

To understand Obanai’s hatred towards Tanjiro, we must first look into his past. The Iguro family has a long history of demon slaying, and it was expected of Obanai to continue this tradition. However, he was born with a unique ability to control and manipulate his own blood, which made him an outcast in his family.

Obanai’s encounter with Tanjiro

Obanai’s first encounter with Tanjiro was during the Swordsmith Village Arc. Tanjiro, along with his friends Inosuke and Zenitsu, had come to the village to get their swords repaired. Obanai, who was guarding the village, was immediately hostile towards Tanjiro, accusing him of being a demon spy.

The death of his beloved

Obanai’s hatred towards Tanjiro intensified after the death of his beloved, Mitsuri Kanroji. Mitsuri was a fellow Pillar and close friend of Obanai. She died while fighting against the Upper Rank demon, Muzan Kibutsuji. Obanai blamed Tanjiro for not being able to save her.

Obanai’s misguided obsession with Kanao

Obanai also possesses an unhealthy fixation on Kanao Tsuyuri, who is also a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. Kanao reminds him of Mitsuri, and he wants to protect her at all costs. However, his obsession with Kanao blinds him to the fact that Tanjiro cares for her deeply and is also working towards the same goal of defeating Muzan.

Tanjiro’s unconventional methods

Obanai is a traditionalist who believes in following the rules and doing things the “right” way. Tanjiro, on the other hand, has a more unconventional approach to demon slaying. He believes in understanding and empathizing with demons before killing them, which goes against Obanai’s beliefs.

Obanai’s conflicting beliefs

Obanai is torn between his loyalty to the Demon Slayer Corps and his own personal beliefs. He sees Tanjiro as a threat to the Corps and its traditions, but at the same time, he is drawn to Tanjiro’s kind and compassionate nature.

Tanjiro’s ability to connect with demons

Tanjiro’s ability to connect with demons and understand their pain is something that Obanai cannot comprehend. To him, demons are nothing but monsters that need to be killed, and he cannot fathom why Tanjiro would try to understand them.

Obanai’s fear of loss

Obanai has experienced a lot of loss in his life, from being an outcast in his family to the death of Mitsuri. He sees Tanjiro as a potential threat to his emotional stability and the stability of the Corps. He fears losing more of his comrades and loved ones.

Tanjiro’s kindness and compassion

Despite Obanai’s hatred towards him, Tanjiro consistently shows kindness and compassion towards him. This is evident during the battle against Muzan, where Tanjiro takes the time to reassure Obanai and remind him of the importance of their mission.

The difference in fighting styles

Obanai and Tanjiro have very different fighting styles. Obanai relies heavily on his blood manipulation abilities, while Tanjiro uses a more intuitive and adaptable approach. This difference in approach can be seen as a threat to Obanai’s beliefs and ego.

Obanai’s respect for Tanjiro

Despite his hatred towards Tanjiro, Obanai also has a deep respect for him. He acknowledges Tanjiro’s strength and skill, and even helps him during their battles against demons.

The role of jealousy in Obanai’s hatred towards Tanjiro

Jealousy may also play a role in Obanai’s hatred towards Tanjiro. Tanjiro’s ability to connect with demons and make friends with them is something that Obanai struggles with. He may feel envious of Tanjiro’s abilities and success.

The importance of forgiveness

In the end, it’s important for Obanai to forgive Tanjiro and move past his hatred. Holding onto grudges only causes more pain and suffering, and forgiveness is necessary for personal growth and healing.

FAQ About Why Does Obanai Hate Tanjiro

Will Obanai’s hatred towards Tanjiro ever be resolved?

There is a possibility for Obanai to move past his hatred towards Tanjiro, especially as they continue to work together towards their mission.

Are there any other characters that Obanai dislikes?

Not explicitly, but Obanai can be seen as a bit of a loner and doesn’t always get along with his fellow Pillars.

Does Tanjiro ever confront Obanai about his hatred towards him?

Not directly, but Tanjiro does try to show kindness and understanding towards Obanai, even in the face of his hostility.

Will Obanai’s obsession with Kanao ever be resolved?

It’s possible that Obanai’s obsession with Kanao will be resolved as he continues to work with her and see her growth as a demon slayer.

Can forgiveness really heal all wounds?

While forgiveness is important for personal growth and healing, it may not always completely heal all wounds. However, it’s a necessary step towards moving past pain and suffering.


In conclusion, Obanai’s hatred towards Tanjiro stems from a variety of factors, including his personal history, his conflicting beliefs, and his fear of loss. However, it’s important to acknowledge the role of forgiveness and understanding in moving past this hatred and working towards a common goal.

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