How Did the Second Hokage Die? Tobirama’s Death Explained

we will be exploring the passing of Tobirama Senju, who was known as the Second Hokage and the younger sibling of Hashirama Senju, also known as the First Hokage. Tobirama was an expert in Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu, and had created many powerful jutsu such as the Shadow Clone Jutsu and Flying Raijin Jutsu. But how did the second hokage die? Let’s find out “How Did the Second Hokage Die”

Who is Tobirama

He was the Second Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village and the younger brother of Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage. Tobirama was known for his mastery of water-based jutsu and his development of various techniques that are still used in the series, such as the Shadow Clone Jutsu and the Summoning Jutsu.

Tobirama was also known for his strict demeanor and his belief in the importance of maintaining order and protecting the village, even if it meant making difficult and unpopular decisions. He was responsible for creating many of the systems and traditions that the Hidden Leaf Village still uses, such as the ninja academy, the chunin exams, and the use of ninja headbands to denote rank.

Throughout the series, Tobirama’s legacy has been a recurring theme, as his ideas and techniques continue to influence the actions and beliefs of characters in the Naruto universe.

How Did the Second Hokage Die

Tobirama was known to be the swiftest ninja of his era, and even succeeded in slaying Izuna Uchiha, the younger brother of Madara Uchiha. He was a master of numerous high-level Jutsu, some of which were considered forbidden. When in combat, Tobirama was renowned for his ferocity and unmatched prowess.

Tobirama vs 20 S-Rank Jonin

In episode 211 of Naruto Shippuden, we witness Tobirama’s selfless act of sacrificing himself to divert the attention of 20 S-rank Hidden Cloud ninjas. Tobirama’s team of seven would have faced certain death had they confronted the group head-on. 

With each member of the enemy team as strong as an Akatsuki member, Tobirama himself could have taken on three S-rank ninjas, but his comrades would not have stood a chance. 

As a result, they formulated a plan for Tobirama to lure and distract the enemy while the rest of the team escaped. Despite his formidable skills, Tobirama perished in battle during the First Great Ninja War while engaging the 20 Hidden Cloud Jonin. In a flashback during the Danzo vs Sasuke fight, Tobirama appoints Hiruzen as the Third Hokage before revealing his plan to sacrifice himself for the sake of his team.

Tobirama vs Izuna

Tobirama, the younger brother of Hashirama, and Izuna, the younger brother of Madara, fought against each other during the prolonged conflict between the Senju and Uchiha clans. 

In one of their battles, Tobirama emerged victorious in a one-on-one fight with Izuna. During the fight, Izuna attempted to catch Tobirama off guard by using his Sharingan and fire-style Jutsu, but Tobirama countered with water-style Jutsu. The resulting clash between fire and water vaporized into a smokescreen, within which Tobirama hurled several Kunai knives. 

While Izuna easily dodged most of them, one of the Kunai had Tobirama’s Flying Raijin Marker on it. Tobirama swiftly teleported to the Kunai and dealt a fatal wound to Izuna, prompting Madara to intervene and carry his brother to safety.

FAQ About the Second Hokage Die

Who Killed Tobirama?

In the first Great Ninja War, Tobirama was killed by a highly skilled team of 20 elite ninjas from the Hidden Cloud, led by Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Tobirama intentionally drew their attention and acted as a distraction in a suicide mission, which ultimately led to his demise.

What Was the Age of Tobirama at the Time of His Death?

Based on the fact that Tobirama became Hokage when he was between 30-40 years old and governed the village for 15-16 years, we can estimate that he was 50-60 years old when he passed away.

In What Episode Does Tobirama Die?

Tobirama’s death was not directly depicted in the show. However, in the 211th episode, there is a brief glimpse of how Tobirama died during the battle between Sasuke and Danzo. If you are interested in seeing this, you can watch the 211th episode.

What Were Tobirama’s Last Words?

In his final moments, Tobirama left Hiruzen with powerful words of guidance and responsibility. He reminded Hiruzen to protect not only the village and its inhabitants but also those who loved and believed in him. He urged Hiruzen to take care of the next generation, as they would be the village’s future. 

Tobirama entrusted the role of Hokage to Hiruzen, and with these parting words, he passed on his legacy to his student. “Starting tomorrow, you will become a Hokage. Saru, I’m leaving Konoha to you,” were Tobirama’s final words to Hiruzen before his tragic death.

How Did Tobirama Lose to Kinkaku?

Tobirama managed to make a temporary escape before valiantly acting as a decoy for Hiruzen, Danzo, and their team to flee. He entrusted the title of the Third Hokage to Hiruzen, in the event of his own demise, before joining the battle once again. 

Despite putting up a strong fight, Tobirama ultimately fell by the hand of Kinkaku. His courage and sacrifice would not be forgotten by those who witnessed his selflessness and bravery on the battlefield.

Can Tobirama Beat Madara?

Despite Tobirama Senju’s strength, there was a big gap between his power and that of his brothers. Likewise, there was a huge disparity between his power and Madara Uchiha’s. Even though Tobirama was formidable, he wasn’t powerful enough to beat Madara.


Tobirama, a highly skilled shinobi, created many mainstream Jutsu, such as the Shadow Clone and Flying Raijin Jutsu. He also invented the forbidden Reanimation Jutsu. However, many fans of the Naruto series wonder how such a genius could have met his end. 

What they fail to understand is that even for someone as talented as Tobirama, fighting against more than 20 highly skilled S-class ninja was a difficult task. Each of these Hidden Cloud ninjas could be compared to a member of Akatsuki. 

Tobirama used his abilities to distract them so that his team members could escape, ultimately sacrificing his own life.

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