Is Kakashi Dead? Exploring the Fate of the Beloved Anime Character

One of the most renowned Sensei characters in the anime community is Kakashi Hatake. In the Naruto series, he is not only a friend and mentor to the protagonist, but also a reliable support system. However, Kishimoto sensei, the creator of Naruto, has written Kakashi’s death into the storyline. The question is, is Kakashi dead?

Yes and no. It seems that Kakashi’s death is a bit complicated. During the Akatsuki’s invasion of Konoha, Kakashi battled against one of Pain’s paths and died from exhaustion. However, this death was not permanent because he was later revived thanks to Nagato, also known as Pain, who sacrificed himself.

Although Kakashi faced a near-death experience due to exhaustion during the Konoha invasion, there were numerous other life-threatening situations that he encountered throughout the Naruto series. Despite the odds, he managed to survive these situations by relying on his own skills and trusting in his allies.

Who Killed Kakashi Hatake?

If you’re not a hardcore Naruto fan, it’s understandable if you don’t remember all the details. With over 700 episodes, it’s easy to forget certain events. For instance, you may have forgotten about the sacrifice that Kakashi made since he’s not the central character.

If you’re feeling confused about when and how Kakashi died, don’t worry. We’ll provide you with a complete recap of the events that led to his sacrifice. You may recall Nagato Uzumaki, the villain who abandoned his twisted goals after encountering Naruto’s exclusive Tank no Jutsu. 

Nagato was the mastermind behind the evil deeds of Akatsuki, operating under the alias of Pain. And yes, it’s Nagato who kills Kakashi Hatake. You’re right, it wasn’t Nagato himself who directly killed Kakashi, but rather it was his exhaustion that led to his demise. 

Nagato, also known as Pain, aimed to collect all of the Tailed Beasts and revive the Ten-Tails. To achieve this goal, he attacked the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Nagato utilized the Six Paths Technique, which he obtained through the Rinnegan, and unleashed the Six Paths of Pain, causing widespread devastation throughout Konoha and resulting in many casualties. 

Among those killed was Kakashi, who fought valiantly against two of the Six Paths: Deva and Asura. The combined efforts of these two paths ultimately led to Kakashi’s death.

How Does Kakashi Die?

How Does Kakashi Die

Kakashi’s strength is evident in his ability to pose a threat to the Akatsuki. This was demonstrated during the Pain’s Attack arc when he fought against two of the Six Paths of Pain simultaneously. 

It proves that he is a determined ninja with the strength to match his accomplishments. Despite his strengths, he ultimately meets his demise. So how does Kakashi die? As previously mentioned, Kakashi died during his fight against the Deva and Asura paths of Pain. 

However, they were not the ones who dealt the final blow. If you re-watch the episode depicting Kakashi’s death, which is episode 159 of Naruto Shippuden, appropriately titled “Pain vs Kakashi,” it becomes clear.

The fight begins with Kakashi facing off against the Deva path alone. When Kakashi tries to attack Deva, he is stabbed by a Chakra rod. However, Kakashi is able to dodge it and counter with a powerful Chidori. 

Witnessing the destructive power of Chidori, Deva employs Shinra Tensei, also known as the Repulsive Force, and sends Kakashi flying. 

Understanding that it’s impossible to approach Deva, Kakashi attempts a ranged Chidori, but the attack fails and dissipates into the air before reaching Deva. At that moment, the Asura path appears behind Kakashi and fires missiles at him.

During the intense battle, Kakashi manages to hold his own against the powerful Akatsuki duo, but eventually succumbs to the combined attacks of Deva and Asura. Deva uses his Bansho Tenin technique to pull Kakashi towards him, but Kakashi uses a chain and a rock to anchor himself in place. 

Asura takes advantage of Kakashi’s vulnerable position and stabs him with his tail blade. Despite being presumed dead by Pain, Kakashi is later saved by his fellow ninjas who join the fight against the Akatsuki duo. 

However, the battle takes a tragic turn when Asura self-destructs, killing all the ninjas in the area except for Kakashi, who is buried under the debris and unable to move.

After Deva finishes his monologue, he fires a needle at Kakashi in an attempt to finish him off. However, Kakashi survives due to Deva’s absence when Choji arrives. Kakashi then instructs Choji to inform Lady Tsunade about Pain’s abilities to give their allies an advantage. 

Unfortunately, the weakened Asura path reappears and fires a missile at Choji. Kakashi uses Kamui to absorb the missile, but in doing so, he uses up all his remaining chakra and succumbs to exhaustion. Therefore, Kakashi’s exact moment of death occurs when he uses Kamui to save Choji.

Did Kakashi Really Die?

If you’ve watched the remaining episodes of Naruto Shippuden and even Boruto, you would know that Kakashi didn’t actually die. In the Naruto universe, death doesn’t necessarily mean the end, as one can be reanimated. However, Kakashi wasn’t reanimated, but rather, he is still alive and well.

So, how did Kakashi come back to life? The answer is simple: he, along with all those who died during the Pain invasion, was revived thanks to Naruto and Nagato.

When Kakashi died due to chakra overuse, his soul was trapped in limbo. In Naruto’s storytelling, this limbo is equivalent to real-life death.

Kakashi encounters his father, Sakumo Hatake, in this otherworldly space. They share stories about their lives, and Kakashi expresses his pride in his father. However, their meeting is cut short due to the ongoing revival of the entire Konoha village.

After Naruto’s victory against the six paths of Pain and his confrontation with Nagato, the revival process begins. Naruto’s empathetic approach to Nagato’s pain causes him to reconsider his beliefs and mistakes. 

Despite his inability to undo his past actions, Nagato sacrifices himself to aid the people of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Nagato entrusts his dream of achieving world peace to Naruto before using his final jutsu, pouring out all his chakra to revive all those who were killed during the Pain invasion, including Kakashi. 

As a result, Kakashi is brought back to life, much to the surprise of those who knew he had died. The brief time spent in limbo allowed Kakashi to have a heart-to-heart with his father and express his pride in him, further reinforcing his determination.

FAQs About Is Kakashi Dead

Is Kakashi Hatake dead?

No, Kakashi Hatake is not dead. He was revived along with all the other victims of the Pain invasion using Nagato’s Jutsu.

Did Kakashi die in Naruto?

Yes, Kakashi did die in Naruto during the Pain invasion. He used Kamui to save Choji from a missile, which resulted in him losing all his chakra and dying.

When did Kakashi die?

Kakashi died during the Pain invasion in Naruto Shippuden episode 159. He used his Kamui to save Choji from a missile and lost all his chakra, causing his death.

Does Kakashi die in Boruto?

Kakashi has not died in Boruto as of the current storyline. He is still alive and well, serving as the Sixth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

How does Kakashi come back to life?

Kakashi came back to life when Nagato used his Jutsu to revive all those who were killed during the Pain invasion, including Kakashi. This happened in Naruto Shippuden episode 163.

In The End

In the story of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi holds significant value and importance. However, due to the plot twists, there has been confusion regarding Kakashi’s fate. While he did sacrifice himself, he has not been killed off. Moreover, the likelihood of Kakashi’s death is low because, despite losing his Sharingan and aging, he remains one of the most powerful ninjas in both Naruto and Boruto.

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