Who Is Kakashi Son in Boruto

Kakashi Hatake is an iconic figure in the world of Naruto lore. Though his influence in the Boruto series has significantly decreased, there remains some mystery surrounding his story. When Boruto first aired, viewers noticed a child that bore a striking resemblance to Kakashi, prompting many to speculate about their connection and curious about who is kakashi Son in boruto. In this article, we’ll answer that question, providing all the information you need to be in the know.

Despite much speculation and fan theories, Kakashi Hatake does not have any children in the Boruto series. Creator Masashi Kishimoto decided not to give the character a romantic partner, so it is not known if he is married. The person that many thought to be Kakashi’s son is actually Hōki Taketori, who is not related to him but greatly respects him and looks up to him.

This article will provide an in-depth look at Kakashi Hatake and his family, as well as Hōki Taketori, who was initially believed to be Kakashi’s son. We will cover all the facts about these two characters, their connection, and their importance in the Masashi Kishimoto universe.

Does Kakashi Have a Child in Boruto?

Does Kakashi Have a Child in Boruto

In 2017, several months after the launch of Boruto, a character resembling this one made an appearance.

Aside from the hair color, this person resembles a miniature version of Kakashi Hatake, with similar clothing, emblem, and mannerisms. People quickly realized that this was essentially a younger version of Kakashi. At the time, the whereabouts of Kakashi between the events of Naruto and Boruto were unknown, so there was speculation that this person could be his offspring.

Fans were extremely excited at the time, but it was later revealed that the character was not related to Kakashi. He was a young boy named Hōki Taketori who admired Kakashi, but had no familial connection to him. It was also confirmed that Kakashi never married or had children, which was the original intent of creator Masashi Kishimoto.

As of now, the only identified family member of Kakashi is his deceased father, Sakumo Hatake. Kakashi does not have any children in either Naruto or Boruto. Now, let us give you more information about Taketori.

Who Is Kakashi’s Son “Hōki Taketori”

Who is Hōki Taketori

Hōki Taketori is a chūnin from Konohagakure and part of Team 25, which is composed of Hako Kuroi and Renga Kokubō. He attended the Academy’s opening ceremony, where he saw Boruto ram a train into the Seventh Hokage’s statue at Hokage Rock. Later, he witnessed Boruto’s disagreement with Iwabee in the classroom and their subsequent fight in the training ground.

At a demonstration of the Summoning Jutsu by Konohamaru Sarutobi, Boruto attempted to do the technique without being aware of the necessary steps. Hōki, along with the rest of the class, observed as he failed. Later, Hōki and his classmates went on a field trip to Kirigakure, where they were welcomed by their guide, Kagura Karatachi. During their graduation exams, Hōki was subjected to a genjutsu by Anko, resulting in him getting confused and walking around in circles.

He managed to break away and join his teammates in facing the kunoichi. Afterward, he reunified with his still-liberated teammates, and with Boruto’s plan, they were successful in taking down the other supervisors and liberating the other members from their captivity. The next morning, they proceeded to face Kakashi in order to reclaim the bell from him.

Kakashi was taken aback when, despite his easy repulsion of the group’s assault, it was all a trick to ensnare him in a Multiple String of Light Formation. Refusing to be taken down, he held off the students until their time ran out without any of them getting the bell. Much to his surprise, the Sixth Hokage announced that he had passed the test due to their teamwork and loyalty. 

A few days later, Hōki was officially made a genin and was placed in Team 25 with Hako and Renga as his teammates.

Due to the frequent robberies conducted by the Byakuya Group in Konohagakure, Team 25 was among the genin teams dispatched to help put an end to the so-called noble thieves. However, they were not permitted to take on the Byakuya Group without assistance from a chūnin or shinobi of a higher rank. With their jōnin master unable to take part due to injury, Team 25 was instead assigned to a series of D-rank missions.

After being assigned to sort packages at the post office, Hōki began bossing his teammates around which quickly caused them to become irritated. Before long, Sukea arrived to inspect their work, and Boruto and Sarada suddenly showed up in order to investigate a package bomb.

Hōki wanted to join his classmates in disarming the bomb, but Renga and Hako refused to collaborate with him once their assignment was completed. Hōki was feeling increasingly frustrated when Sukea stepped in and reminded him that even the Sixth Hokage had experienced failures and disappointments, and his biggest regret was the loss of a close friend due to his attempts to control everything.

Upon realizing he was making the same mistake, Hōki gleaned from Sukea’s clues that more package bombs were still out there. Putting aside their differences, Team 25 united, drawing on their individual strengths to locate the rest of the explosives and prevent catastrophe.

At Sukea’s request, Hōki apologized for his unreasonable demands, causing Renga and Hako to apologize for their mistakes too. Subsequently, Team 25 was formally placed under Sai’s supervision. Upon learning that the Fire Daimyō, Ikkyū Madoka, had been collecting a large amount of money without reason, Sai and his team hurried to face him.

Upon learning that his son had been abducted, Hōki and his colleagues discovered that several members of the Mujina Bandit had infiltrated the village and were promptly apprehended. Subsequently, Team 25 hurried to rescue the boy, only to find out that he had been saved by Team 7, and moreover, the leader of the bandits, Shojoji, had been taken into custody.

After Sasuke used his Sharingan to learn more about Kara from the gang leader, Team 25 was dispatched to Amegakure to help Sasuke in his investigation. The genin discovered a network of hidden tunnels and an area that had been blocked off due to a gas leak. After furnishing Sasuke and Sai with the details of the area, Hōki and his teammates were ordered to go back to Konoha, as the rest of the mission was considered too dangerous for them.

Hōki attended the memorial service for those who lost their lives in the Fourth Shinobi World War. Later, he and his team entered the new Chūnin Exams hosted by Naruto, passing the first test but only Hōki was able to progress to the second test in the Forest of Death. Renga and Hako stayed behind in order to help an injured comrade out of the forest.

Once the test was over, it was declared that each of the finalists would be pitted against another finalist in a one-on-one bout. Hōki inquired if they would be informed of their opponents that day, however he was told that the announcement would not be made until the day of the match. The following day, Sai went to visit Hōki and his teammates and focus on his teachings.

On the day of the final test, Hōki confronted Inojin in battle. Hōki used his own strategy to his advantage and transformed the arena into a maze, leaving Inojin struggling to remember the layout. Inojin then cleverly utilized a blind spot to ambush Hōki, successfully using his Mind-Body Switch Jutsu.

Hōki, however, was able to successfully defend against the technique due to Sai’s instruction, eventually overpowering his opponent. Grateful for Sai’s guidance and Inojin’s encouragement, Hōki thanked them both.

Hōki has an extraordinary ability to retain photographic detail of anything he sees. This makes him an ideal candidate for intelligence gathering, including missions that require ANBU-level expertise. With the help of Sai, Hōki has honed his ANBU skills, including a technique that helps him resist possession and mind reading jutsu.

His mastery of Earth Release is impressive, allowing him to use it to perform massive-scale techniques. He is able to generate towering pillars from the ground to attack his foes and create a massive labyrinth that covers a vast area. This level of expertise even shocked Iwabee, an expert on the subject. He also has some skill in Fūinjutsu, able to paralyze his enemies and amplify the strength of the technique when used in conjunction with other users.

This is the story of Hōki, the young boy who idolized Kakashi and whose adoration was not reciprocated in the way some of his fans had hoped – he is not Kakashi’s son.

Hōki Taketori’S Ninjutsu

Hōki Taketori’S Ninjutsu

Hōki has the ability to perform hand seals at incredible speeds. He is proficient in fūinjutsu and can immobilize his enemies within the range of his technique, and enhance its power by collaborating with other users. 

Hōki received Anbu tactics training from Sai Yamanaka, including how to resist mental probing techniques. He excels in Earth Release, able to manipulate the terrain into a confusing maze to disorient his opponents and launch attacks. 

His mastery of Earth Release has impressed Iwabee, who is also skilled in this element.

In Summary

Kakashi is a legendary ninja from the original “Naruto” series and appears in “Boruto” as a mentor and teacher to the next generation of ninja. In the series, Kakashi is depicted as a highly skilled and respected ninja, but his personal life and family history are not explored in great detail.

So far, there is no official information about Kakashi having a son in the “Boruto” franchise, and the character has not been depicted as a father in the series. As such, it can be concluded that Kakashi does not have a son in “Boruto.”

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