Why Kaido Wanted to Go to Marineford

Kaido, one of the four Yonko, is a force to be reckoned with. He is feared by many and is known as the strongest creature alive. However, it recently came to light that Kaido had a secret plan to go to Marineford, a place notorious for the great war between the Marines and Whitebeard Pirates. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why Kaido wanted to go to Marineford and what this could mean for the future of the world.

Why Kaido Wanted to Go to Marineford – Reasons

To Defeat Whitebeard:

To Defeat Whitebeard

Kaido’s attempted invasion of Marineford was likely motivated by more than just a desire to make a name for himself. The most probable explanation is that he wanted to defeat Whitebeard, though there are two potential reasons for this. 

Firstly, it could be a personal vendetta against the legendary pirate, or secondly, he may have sought to gain control of Whitebeard’s powerful territory.

Kaido Wanted to Spread Mayhem:

Kaido Wanted to Spread Mayhem

It is clear from recent chapters that Kaido’s goal was to overthrow the balance of the world and start an era of violence. In order to do this, he would have had to confront the strongest man alive: Whitebeard. It would have been extremely difficult for Kaido to enter Whitebeard’s territories, so his only option would have been to take down Edward Newgate. 

Since Whitebeard’s death, the New World has been in chaos and Kaido is using this opportunity to impose his tyranny on the One Piece world.

Kaido Had a Grudge Against Whitebeard:

Kaido Had a Grudge Against Whitebeard

Reading into Kaido’s conversation with the Red Scabbards during their face-off in Onigashima, it is possible that the yonko holds a grudge against his former crewmate, Edward Newgate. 

In the panel, Kaido mentions how pirates turn tails and flee when the situation gets out of hand. While this could be a reference to the new age newbie pirates who give up in the face of grave danger, it could also be a comment from experience. 

Could Kaido have been betrayed in the past, while he was a part of the Rocks crew? Did Whitebeard and Big Mom and others flee when they realised Rocks had lost the battle at God Valley? Did Kaido stay and fight until the end, resulting in him getting caught by the Marines and experimented on by Vegapunk to make an artificial devil fruit? 

While these could be potential reasons for Kaido’s grudge against Whitebeard, it does not explain why he envied the latter’s death. This brings us back to the question of why Kaido set sail to Marineford.

Kaido Wanted a Gallant Death:

Kaido Wanted a Gallant Death

Kaido’s longing for a grand death is well-known. He has attempted to achieve this goal multiple times, which could be why he went to Marineford – to have a daring and spectacular death. 

The summit war was an event with many influential people, such as the three admirals, Fleet admiral Sengoku and Garp, Whitebeard and his crew, and numerous strong members. What better place to seek a death that would make him famous? 

It is likely that Kaido wanted to go there to fulfill his fantasy of having an amazing death. Was Oden’s death an inspiration for Kaido’s behavior? It is plausible. Perhaps he meant to save Ace, consequently doing something honorable and earning genuine admiration. Did Kaido have the motive to save Ace?

Kaido Wanted to Save Ace:

Kaido Wanted to Save Ace

U/binyhun came up with an intriguing Reddit theory that Kaido had a heartfelt reason to save Ace at Marineford: Yamato. According to the theory, Ace had visited Wano four years before the events of the manga, two years before the time skip. 

Even if it seems implausible that Yamato liked Ace, it is possible that Ace was a good friend or a strong influence in Yamato’s life, much like he was to O-Tama.

FAQ About Why Kaido Wanted to Go to Marineford

What Episode Did Shanks Stop Kaido From Going to Marineford?

“The Final Showdown: The Ultimate War Concludes” is the 489th episode of the One Piece anime series.

Who Stopped Kaido From Going to Marineford?

Thus, Shanks, being one of the Yonko, simply showed up there and prevented Kaido.

Why did Kaido wanted to fight Whitebeard?

Kaido attacking Whitebeard was an understandable but heartwarming act. He knew that Whitebeard may not survive the battle at Marineford and this was his final chance to engage in combat with him. It is likely that Kaido’s attack was a way of honoring Whitebeard one last time.


Kaido wanted to go to marineford in pursuit of his own selfish goals. He wanted to use the chaos and destruction that was occurring in marineford to further his own ambitions and gain power. Kaido was willing to put his own plans and ambitions ahead of the lives of many people, and he saw Marineford as the perfect opportunity to do this.

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