Is Eren in Love With Mikasa? Analyzing the Relationship between the Two Characters in Attack on Titan

“Eren in Love with Mikasa” is a topic that has been widely debated among fans of the popular anime and manga series, “Attack on Titan.” Eren and Mikasa’s close relationship has been a source of speculation and intrigue for many fans who have watched their story unfold over the course of the series. While some fans believe that Eren harbors romantic feelings for Mikasa, others are not so convinced. In this discussion, we will explore the evidence and arguments for and against “is Eren in love with Mikasa”, and delve into the complexities of their relationship to try to unravel the mystery of their feelings for one another.

What Kind of Relationship Does Mikasa Have With Eren in Attack on Titan?

From the very start of “Attack on Titan,” it was evident that Eren and Mikasa were two vital characters who would play a significant role in the overall narrative. Although Eren held the central character position, Mikasa was undeniably the second most crucial character, particularly regarding her connection with Eren. While Armin was also an essential character and part of the original trio, the story’s focus predominantly centered on Eren and Mikasa. It was apparent that their relationship and interactions were integral to the development of the storyline.

Eren and Mikasa were first introduced as children shortly before the Shiganshina wall was breached. They were shown living together as a family because Mikasa had lost her parents. As the story progressed, it was revealed that Mikasa’s family had been killed when she was a child and that Eren and his father Grisha had found her. Eren was the one who rescued Mikasa from those who intended to kidnap and sell her. Following this event, Grisha and Carla Yeager chose to take Mikasa in and raise her as their own, and since then, she has been living with Eren and his family.

Despite living together as pseudo-siblings, Mikasa demonstrated a clear and deep care for Eren, often going to great lengths to protect him from any peril he encountered. This bond between them first emerged during their childhood when Eren was known for getting into mischief. As they grew into teenagers and joined the Survey Corps, Mikasa remained steadfast in her role as Eren’s protector. With such a strong connection between them, it begs the question: what exactly is the nature of Mikasa’s relationship with Eren?

The dynamic between Eren and Mikasa throughout “Attack on Titan” was never explicitly defined, as it was a multifaceted relationship. Mikasa displayed a deep sense of care and concern for Eren, and Eren reciprocated this sentiment, albeit in a different manner. Mikasa was notably overprotective of Eren, always feeling the need to remain close to him to ensure his safety. When she sensed that Eren was in danger, she wasted no time in rushing to his aid, even if it meant disregarding orders. Their connection was complex and evolved throughout the series, leaving fans to ponder the true nature of their relationship.

Conversely, Eren displayed a similar level of care for Mikasa as he did for his other friends, always willing to come to their aid when necessary. However, Eren’s interactions with Mikasa were distinct from those with his other friends. He was more casual and brusque with her, which reflected the deeper bond they shared. This connection allowed Eren to behave and speak more informally with Mikasa, a reflection of their unique relationship.

Throughout the series, there were instances where Eren and Mikasa had disagreements, particularly when it came to Eren’s safety. Despite this, Mikasa typically allowed Eren to make his own decisions, as long as they were sensible. However, there were moments where Eren exhibited signs of frustration towards Mikasa’s overprotectiveness, feeling emasculated by her superior strength and fighting ability. This often led to outbursts from Eren, who disliked being treated as a younger brother by Mikasa.

Nevertheless, Eren’s devotion to Mikasa transcended logic and reason. When he transformed into the Attack Titan for the first time, he fought mindless titans on pure instinct. Despite his lack of control over his transformation, he instinctively protected Mikasa from harm. This showcased the strength of their bond, which had become so strong that it was almost an automatic response for them to protect each other in dangerous situations.

Throughout the storyline, the relationship between Mikasa and Eren was never explicitly defined. While it was apparent that they had a deep affection for each other, there was never an opportunity for them to label or clarify the nature of their relationship. The ongoing war with Marley and Eren’s focus on his plans took precedence over any potential romantic developments between them.

Does Mikasa Love Eren?

As previously mentioned, Mikasa exhibited a high level of concern for Eren, going so far as to put herself in danger to protect him and disregard the commands of their superiors. However, the question remains: did Mikasa harbor romantic feelings for Eren?

People are questioning whether Mikasa loved Eren because of something he revealed to her regarding her Ackerman heritage. During their meeting in Marley, Eren told Mikasa that her clan, the Ackerman, were unique Eldians who were the result of an experiment that gave them titan-like abilities without the need to transform into titans. Consequently, they possess immense strength and are impervious to the abilities of the Founding Titan.

During their meeting in Marley, Zeke informed Eren that the Ackermans, the clan to which Mikasa belongs, are special Eldians who possess Titan powers without turning into Titans. They are also immune to the powers of the Founding Titan and have incredible strength beyond regular humans. Eren explained to Mikasa that Ackermans must awaken their powers by finding a host, who serves as their “king,” since they were created to serve the royal family. Once they find their host, they will do everything in their power to protect them.

Eren informed Mikasa that her attachment to him might have originated from her Ackerman bloodline, as her powers may have been triggered when he saved her from the kidnappers during their childhood. Eren explained that Ackermans were created to serve the royal family and must have a host to awaken their abilities. Therefore, Mikasa may have considered Eren as her “host” and felt compelled to protect him at all costs. Eren also admitted to finding her overprotective nature irritating.

However, the reality was that Zeke was unaware of why Mikasa experienced headaches and why she was so committed to Eren. He even mentioned to Eren that it might be because she genuinely loved him. Therefore, everything that Eren said to Mikasa about her Ackerman instincts was not true, and the fact remained that Mikasa truly loved Eren.

When Mikasa dealt the final blow to Eren, it became evident that the Ackerman myth was fabricated by Eren. She was willing to enter Eren’s final titan form to decapitate him and end the Rumbling, which was a sign of her love for him. She understood that killing him was the only way to stop his destructive rampage across the world. After cutting off his head, she kissed him for the first and last time, which showed the depth of her feelings towards him.

Did Eren Love Mikasa?

Although Mikasa’s love for Eren was apparent throughout the series, Eren’s feelings towards Mikasa were not as clear. It is not certain if Eren loved Mikasa in a romantic sense, as he never explicitly confessed his feelings for her. However, it can be argued that Eren cared deeply for Mikasa, as he always tried to protect her and was willing to go to great lengths to keep her safe. Furthermore, Eren’s actions in the final moments of the series suggested that he had a special connection with Mikasa, as he urged her to forget about him and live a long life without him.

It was evident that Eren had affection for Mikasa, but there were doubts about whether it was love or just a close friendship, as he also showed similar concern for Armin. However, it became clear that Eren had romantic feelings for Mikasa when he looked disappointed and asked her what he meant to her, and she responded by saying that he was like family.

Despite Eren’s disappointment with Mikasa’s response, he still cared deeply for her, evident in his decision to initiate the Rumbling to protect his friends on Paradis from Marley and the rest of the world, as well as to eradicate titans from existence. However, it was during a Paths moment with Armin that Eren’s feelings for Mikasa were revealed.

During a Paths moment with Armin, Eren revealed how much he cared for Mikasa. He confessed that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Mikasa and never wanted her to fall in love with anyone else. Eren also hoped that Mikasa would remember him for the rest of her life. It was clear that the only regret Eren had before he died was that he never got to live his life with Mikasa. This meant that he loved Mikasa the same way she loved him.

FAQ About Is Eren in Love With Mikasa

Is Eren in Love with Mikasa in Attack on Titan?

The nature of Eren’s feelings towards Mikasa is a subject of much debate among fans of Attack on Titan. While some argue that Eren has romantic feelings for Mikasa, others believe that his relationship with her is more platonic in nature.

What evidence suggests that Eren is in love with Mikasa?

One piece of evidence often cited by fans is Eren’s protectiveness towards Mikasa, which some argue could be interpreted as romantic jealousy. Additionally, Eren has expressed a desire to “wrap Mikasa up and keep her safe,” which some interpret as a sign of his romantic feelings for her.

What evidence suggests that Eren’s relationship with Mikasa is platonic?

Others argue that Eren’s protectiveness towards Mikasa can be explained by their long-standing friendship, rather than any romantic feelings. Additionally, while Eren has expressed affection for Mikasa, he has never explicitly stated that he is in love with her.

What is the nature of Eren and Mikasa’s relationship?

Eren and Mikasa have a deep bond that has developed over the course of the series. They have been through many trials together and have saved each other’s lives on multiple occasions. Although the precise type of their relationship is subject to interpretation, it is evident that they have a profound affection for each other.

Will the nature of Eren and Mikasa’s relationship be explored further in Attack on Titan?

It is unclear whether the nature of Eren and Mikasa’s relationship will be explored further in Attack on Titan. The series has already concluded in both its manga and anime form, so any further exploration of their relationship would likely have to come in the form of spin-off material or fan speculation.

Does Mikasa have romantic feelings for Eren?

Mikasa’s feelings towards Eren are also a topic of discussion among fans. While some believe that she harbors romantic feelings for him, others argue that her feelings are more akin to familial love or admiration.


While Eren’s feelings for Mikasa were not always clear, there were several moments throughout the series where it became evident that he had strong feelings for her. From his disappointment when Mikasa referred to him as “family” to his desire to spend the rest of his life with her, it is clear that Eren also loved Mikasa in a romantic way. While the exact nature of their relationship may be up for interpretation, it is undeniable that there was a deep connection between the two characters that was based on mutual love and respect.

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