Why Does Eren Hate Mikasa: The Hidden Truths Revealed

As a fictional character from the popular anime series “Attack on Titan,” Eren Yeager is known for his strong personality and unwavering determination to protect humanity. However, throughout the series, his relationship with Mikasa Ackerman, his childhood friend and adoptive sister, becomes strained, leading many fans to wonder why Eren seems to harbor animosity towards her. Although the exact cause of Eren’s emotions towards Mikasa is a topic of considerable debate and speculation, there are several plausible justifications that are derived from the events and character progression in the series.

In this article, we will explore some of the possible reasons why does eren hate mikasa and what this could mean for the overall story of “Attack on Titan.”

Why Does Eren Hate Mikasa? Fully Explained

Does Eren Really Hate Mikasa

Eren Yeager possesses a complex personality with various layers. He portrays himself as a hero fighting for freedom, but at a certain point, he transforms into a genocidal monster with intentions of eradicating most of humanity. As a result, comprehending and interpreting Eren’s behavior and decisions can be challenging since they are frequently erratic and incongruent with his established personalities.

Upon finally encountering Armin and Mikasa, the only individuals Eren genuinely cares for, he abruptly expresses his anger and frustration by confessing his hatred towards Mikasa. This revelation would not have been as shocking if Mikasa hadn’t displayed unwavering loyalty and genuine affection towards Eren throughout their journey. Consequently, many fans view this as Eren’s most significant transgression in the series, as he caused emotional harm to the sole person who truly loved him and whom he reciprocated feelings for.

At that particular moment, Eren’s statement appeared to be genuine and even plausible given his complex personality. However, in the grand scheme of things, it was not an accurate representation of his true feelings towards Mikasa. Despite the hurtful nature of his words, Eren never truly harbored hatred towards Mikasa. As we delve further into this article, we will elaborate on this aspect.

What Led Eren to Declare That He Hated Mikasa?

Regarding the literal meaning of Eren’s words, it is a rather straightforward one. Eren claimed to hate Mikasa because he believed that she was not “free” due to her being an Ackerman. The connection between these two elements is that the Ackermans were genetically programmed to serve as protectors of the royal family, leaving them with no autonomy over their actions. This fact was disclosed at a certain point in the series.

The Ackermans were compelled to defend the Eldian monarchy, regardless of their own desires. Therefore, Eren’s assertion that Mikasa lacked freedom was due to her being an Ackerman, who were genetically engineered to serve the royal family.

Considering how much Eren esteems individual autonomy and self-determination, it is not surprising that he would hold contempt for those who lack or do not fully exercise it. This is why he criticized Mikasa and her choices, but ultimately, he was mistaken (despite the insincerity of his statement, as we will discuss later on – Eren did, in fact, love Mikasa). Why was he wrong?

Firstly, Eren was not a member of the royal family, and as a result, the supposed Ackerman “engineering” would not have been applicable to him. Furthermore, Mikasa’s dedication to Eren surpassed the mere protective loyalty that the Ackermans held towards the Eldian monarchy. Her feelings towards Eren were much deeper and stronger, and she was willing to go to much greater lengths for him than any of her ancestors were prepared to do for the royals.

All of this evidence demonstrates that Eren was mistaken, and Mikasa’s unwavering devotion to him was not indicative of her lack of free will, but rather a testament to her absolute freedom. Her decision to love and protect Eren was entirely of her own volition and not because she was “programmed” to do so.

In Which Episode Did Eren Express His Hatred Towards Mikasa?

The specific episode in which Eren expresses his hatred towards Mikasa is Episode 73 of the Attack on Titan anime, which is also known as Episode 14 of Season 4. The episode, titled “Savagery,” first aired on March 15, 2021, in Japan, but was interrupted due to news coverage of an earthquake in Wakayama. The episode was subsequently broadcasted in its entirety on March 22, 2021.

If you’re interested in knowing the corresponding manga chapter for the scene, it occurs in Chapter 112 of the Attack on Titan manga, which is also known as Chapter 2 of Volume 28. The chapter is titled “Ignorance.” The anime scene was adapted from this specific chapter of the Attack on Titan manga.

Eren’s Feelings Toward Mikasa?

Eren’s Feelings Toward Mikasa

Mikasa is often referred to as Eren’s “adoptive sister.” When they were children, Eren went with his father on a medical visit to Mikasa’s family. Upon arriving, they discovered that Mikasa’s parents had been murdered. Eren then secretly left his father’s side to search for Mikasa, who had been kidnapped by the murderers of her parents and taken to a nearby forest.

After finding Mikasa, Eren manages to kill two of the murderers but is then overpowered by the third. It is then that Mikasa activates her Ackerman instincts and kills the third assassin. Afterward, Eren and Mikasa meet with Eren’s father, Mr. Jaeger, who takes them both to Mikasa’s house since she had nowhere else to go. Eren gives Mikasa his scarf to keep her warm during the cold night.

Due to this incident, Mikasa sees Eren as a member of her family and forms a strong bond with him. She is willing to go to any lengths to protect him or to help him out of trouble since he was the one who saved her from the kidnappers. As a memento of that event, she always wears the scarf that Eren gave her after rescuing her.

Mikasa resides with the Jaeger family for approximately a year prior to the collapse of Wall Maria. As Eren grows into his teenage years, he becomes annoyed when Mikasa becomes excessively protective of him, and he feels a bit competitive since he can’t train as well as she can. During the recapture of Trost’s wall, Mikasa becomes embarrassed when Ian insinuates that Eren is her romantic partner due to her intense attachment to him.

Levi also expresses his confusion about Mikasa’s strong attachment to Eren. However, as time passes, Eren starts becoming more protective and caring towards Mikasa. While he confronts the Titan that killed his mom and by chance activates the power of the Coordinate, he guarantees to maintain setting the scarf on her as typically as important, forever.

After the three-year timeskip, when they meet in Marley, Eren asks Mikasa what he means to her. She replies that he is “family”, which makes Eren sad. The next day, Eren leaves to begin his undercover mission in Marley. Upon his return, he tells Mikasa that he has always hated her since they were young because of her “slave” attitude towards him and because of the Ackerman lineage.

To protect Armin and Mikasa from his actions in activating the Rumble, Eren tells Mikasa that he has always hated her since they were little, and distances himself from both of them. Mikasa manages to kill Eren by means of decapitating him, and buries him within the tree where they used to spend time collectively. Three years later, Mikasa cries and wishes to see Eren again, and her scarf comes loose. A skua (Parasitic Jaeger) fixes her scarf and takes flight from her, giving her a moment of comfort.

Eren revealed to Mikasa an alternate reality where they lived together after running away, as a way of showing her what could have been if she had been truthful about her feelings for him.

During a conversation with Armin on the streets, Eren expressed his fear of death and his desire to be with Mikasa and the rest of their friends. He also shared his wish for Mikasa to not have feelings for anyone else but him. However, he quickly adds that he wants her to be happy and begs Armin not to reveal his feelings to her.

Does Eren Betray Mikasa?

The final arcs of the manga can be interpreted in two different ways, depending on one’s perspective. From one angle, Eren’s actions can be seen as a betrayal of his ideals, as he becomes a monster with the aim of destroying humanity. However, from another angle, he remains faithful to his ideals of safeguarding his friends and allies, even if it means he must eliminate the rest of humanity (whom he had previously pledged to protect).

Depending on one’s perspective, Eren’s actions in the final arcs of the manga can be seen as a betrayal of his ideals or as remaining true to his desire to protect his friends and allies. Therefore, it is ambiguous whether or not he betrayed Mikasa. While he never personally betrayed her and she was the one to ultimately kill him, he may have betrayed the ideals they were fighting for. However, in terms of his relationship with Mikasa, he did not betray her.


The reasons for Eren telling Mikasa that he hated her in “Attack on Titan” are complex and may be interpreted in different ways by fans. 

Some of the potential factors that contributed to this moment include Eren’s desire for independence, his growing disillusionment with the world, and his fear of losing Mikasa to her loyalty towards him. Whatever the underlying reasons may be, this scene represents a significant turning point in the relationship between these two characters, and its aftermath will likely have far-reaching consequences for the rest of the story. 

While the precise resolution of their conflict remains uncertain, it is clear that Eren and Mikasa’s relationship will continue to be a key source of drama and tension in the series. These were the reasons why Eren told Mikasa that she hated her, but what lies ahead for them remains to be seen.

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