Why Did Eren Beat up Armin: The Shocking Turn of Events Explained

Have you ever wondered why Eren, the protagonist of Attack on Titan, beat up his best friend Armin? The incident happened in season 4, and it left many fans confused and angry. Was it a misunderstanding, or did Eren have a good reason for his actions? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind why did eren beat up armin and try to shed some light on this intriguing incident.

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series of all time, and for good reason. It has a compelling storyline, complex characters, and epic battles. However, there is one incident in the series that left many fans scratching their heads. In season 4, Eren, the main protagonist, beat up his best friend Armin in a fit of rage. This incident has been the subject of much debate and speculation among fans. Some believe that Eren was justified in his actions, while others think that he was completely in the wrong. In this article, we will dive deep into the reasons behind Eren’s actions and try to make sense of this shocking incident.

Why Did Eren Beat Up Armin?

The incident in question occurred in episode 69 of the series, titled “A Sound Argument.” Eren and Armin were having a conversation about their friend Mikasa’s loyalty to Eren. Armin suggested that Mikasa’s attachment to Eren may be due to her Ackerman bloodline, which makes her more prone to following a “host” figure. Eren, who was already feeling frustrated and angry, took offense to this suggestion and attacked Armin.

Many fans were shocked by Eren’s sudden outburst, as it seemed out of character for him to behave in such a violent manner towards his best friend. However, there were underlying reasons behind his actions that we will explore in the following sections.

The Importance of Mikasa to Eren

To understand why Eren beat up Armin, we first need to understand the importance of Mikasa to Eren. Mikasa is not only Eren’s best friend but also someone he considers family. She has been with him through thick and thin, and her unwavering loyalty has helped Eren survive in a world full of danger.

For Eren, Mikasa is more than just a friend. She represents his past, present, and future. He feels a deep connection to her, and the thought of losing her is unbearable to him. This is evident in the way he acts around her and the lengths he is willing to go to protect her.

The Ackerman Bloodline

Another factor that played a role in Eren’s outburst is the Ackerman bloodline. The Ackermans are a family of warriors who have a unique ability to awaken their full physical potential in moments of extreme danger. This ability is known as the “Awakening,” and it allows them to surpass the limits of the human body and perform incredible feats of strength and agility.

Mikasa is an Ackerman, and her loyalty to Eren has been attributed to her bloodline. According to Armin’s theory, the Ackermans have a genetic predisposition to follow a “host” figure. This means that once they form a strong bond with someone, they will be fiercely loyal to them.

Eren’s Fear of Losing Mikasa

Eren’s fear of losing Mikasa is at the heart of his violent outburst towards Armin. When Armin suggested that Mikasa’s loyalty may be due to her Ackerman bloodline, it struck a nerve with Eren. He interpreted Armin’s words as a dismissal of his own bond with Mikasa and a reduction of her feelings to genetics. To Eren, Mikasa’s loyalty was based on something deeper and more meaningful than her bloodline, and Armin’s theory seemed to belittle the strength of their connection.

In Eren’s mind, Armin’s words implied that Mikasa’s loyalty could be easily transferred to someone else, which fueled his fear of losing her. He reacted impulsively and violently to defend his bond with Mikasa and to prove that Armin’s theory was wrong.

Eren’s Struggle with His Own Destiny

Another aspect of Eren’s outburst is his struggle with his own destiny. Throughout the series, Eren has been driven by a desire to protect humanity and to eliminate the Titans that threaten their existence. However, his actions have also led to the deaths of countless people, and he is haunted by the guilt and responsibility of his choices.

Eren’s fear of losing Mikasa is also tied to his fear of losing his humanity. He sees himself as a monster and a necessary evil, and he relies on Mikasa’s unwavering loyalty to remind him of his own humanity. Armin’s theory challenged Eren’s view of himself and his relationship with Mikasa, and it made him question the very foundation of his identity.

FAQ About Why Did Eren Beat up Armin

Was Eren justified in beating up Armin?

No, Eren’s actions were not justified. He reacted impulsively and violently to defend his bond with Mikasa, but his behavior was abusive and harmful.

Did Armin deserve to be beaten up?

No, Armin did not deserve to be beaten up. He was expressing a theory that he believed to be true, and he did not intend to offend Eren or belittle his bond with Mikasa.

What does the incident say about Eren’s character?

The incident shows that Eren has a violent and impulsive side to his personality. He is capable of hurting his loved ones when he feels threatened or challenged.

Will Eren and Armin’s friendship survive the incident?

It is unclear whether Eren and Armin’s friendship will survive the incident. The two have been through a lot together, but Eren’s actions may have caused irreparable damage to their relationship.

Did Mikasa’s Ackerman bloodline make her more loyal to Eren?

It is unclear whether Mikasa’s Ackerman bloodline made her more loyal to Eren. While the Ackermans do have a genetic predisposition to follow a “host” figure, Mikasa’s bond with Eren seems to be based on more than just her bloodline.

Will the incident have any impact on the rest of the series?

It is possible that the incident will have an impact on the rest of the series. Eren’s behavior may lead to further conflict and tension among the characters, and it may affect the outcome of the story.


The incident of Eren beating up Armin was a shocking moment in Attack on Titan. It revealed a darker side to Eren’s personality and raised questions about his relationship with Mikasa and his own identity. While Eren’s actions were not justified, they were driven by his fear of losing Mikasa and his struggle with his own destiny. The incident will likely have a lasting impact on the rest of the series and the relationships between the characters.

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