Why Did Armin Cut His Hair? The Shocking Transformation Explained

Have you ever noticed that Armin, a popular anime character from Attack on Titan, cut his hair in season four? Many fans were shocked and wondered about the reason behind it. In this article, we will delve into why Armin cut his hair and explore the impact of this change.

Armin Arlert, one of the protagonists in Attack on Titan, is known for his long golden hair, which was a defining feature of his character. However, in season four, Armin underwent a dramatic transformation with a new haircut, leaving many fans wondering why he made such a drastic change.

Why Did Armin Cut His Hair?

Armin Cut His Hair

Armin’s decision to cut his hair was driven by a variety of reasons, both internal and external.

  1. Symbolic of a New Beginning

Armin’s haircut represents a new chapter in his life. In the fourth season of Attack on Titan, Armin’s character undergoes significant changes. His experiences in the war have led to his personal growth, and he is no longer the same person he was before. Armin’s new haircut symbolizes his desire for a fresh start and a new beginning.

  1. Practicality

Armin’s long hair was a defining feature of his character, but it was also impractical, especially in a warzone. In season four, Armin’s hair gets in the way during battles, and he even ends up losing his headgear during a critical moment. Cutting his hair was a practical decision that made it easier for him to fight in combat situations.

  1. A New Persona

Armin’s new haircut represents a change in his personality as well. He has become more assertive and confident, and his new look reflects this transformation. Armin has grown from a timid and hesitant person to a strong and determined leader. His new haircut is an outward expression of his newfound self-assuredness.

  1. Evolution of Character Design

In addition to the narrative reasons for Armin’s haircut, there are also practical reasons for the change. Attack on Titan has undergone a significant evolution in its animation style over the years, and Armin’s haircut may simply be a reflection of this. The new style might be better suited to the current animation techniques used in the show.

The Impact of Armin’s Haircut

Armin’s haircut has had a significant impact on his character and the storyline.

  1. Sign of Character Growth

Armin’s new look signifies his personal growth, both physically and mentally. His haircut reflects his newfound confidence and his willingness to take charge of his life. Armin’s character arc has always been about overcoming his fears and doubts, and his haircut is a physical manifestation of his progress.

  1. Development of Relationships

Armin’s haircut also affects the dynamics of his relationships with other characters. His close friend Mikasa, who has always had a soft spot for him, is visibly stunned by his new look. Armin’s transformation brings him closer to Mikasa, and the two share a moment of intimacy that shows the depth of their relationship.

  1. Change in Narrative Arc

Armin’s haircut is also a harbinger of significant changes in the narrative arc. His new look signals a shift in the balance of power between the main characters, with Armin emerging as a key player in the fight against the Titans. Armin’s new haircut also signifies a turning point in his relationship with Eren, who has been the primary protagonist of the series so far. Armin’s transformation foreshadows a shift in the focus of the storyline, with new challenges and conflicts that will test the characters’ limits.

Fan Reactions to Armin’s Haircut

Fan Reactions to Armin's Haircut

After the scene where Armin cuts his hair in Attack on Titan, fans took to social media and forums to express their opinions on the character’s new look. While many fans were supportive of Armin’s decision and saw it as a sign of his growth and maturity, others were surprised or even disappointed.

Some fans expressed shock at Armin’s sudden transformation, noting that his long hair had been a defining feature of his appearance for several seasons. Others felt that the new haircut made Armin look too similar to other characters, such as Levi or Eren, and that it detracted from his uniqueness as a character.

On the other hand, many fans praised the haircut as a symbol of Armin’s personal growth and development. They saw it as a sign that he was shedding his old identity and becoming a new, more confident person. Some fans even suggested that the haircut gave Armin a more streamlined and practical look, which would be beneficial in battle.

Overall, fan reactions to Armin’s haircut were mixed, but it’s clear that the decision to change his appearance had a significant impact on the fandom. Some fans were surprised or disappointed, while others saw it as a positive change for the character’s growth and development. Regardless of their individual opinions, it’s clear that Armin’s new look will continue to be a topic of discussion and debate among fans of Attack on Titan.

FAQs About Why Did Armin Cut His Hair

Did Armin cut his hair in the manga as well?

Yes, Armin also cuts his hair in the manga, which is the source material for the anime series. The haircut occurs in Chapter 107 of the manga.

Was there any foreshadowing of Armin’s haircut in previous seasons?

No, there was no foreshadowing of Armin’s haircut in previous seasons. The haircut was a surprise to fans, as it had not been hinted at in any of the previous episodes.

How did fans react to Armin’s haircut?

Fans had mixed reactions to Armin’s haircut, with some expressing shock and disappointment, while others embraced the change. Some fans even created memes and fan art featuring Armin’s new look.

Does Armin’s new haircut affect his abilities in battle?

Armin’s new haircut does not affect his abilities in battle negatively. In fact, it makes it easier for him to fight, as his hair no longer gets in the way during combat.

Will Armin’s haircut affect the outcome of the series?

Armin’s haircut is just one of the many plot points in Attack on Titan, and it is unlikely to affect the overall outcome of the series. However, it does signify a shift in the dynamics of the characters and the storyline.

Will Armin’s haircut grow back in future episodes?

It is unknown whether Armin’s haircut will grow back in future episodes. However, given the significance of his new look, it is possible that it will be a permanent change to his character design.

What does Armin’s haircut signify for his character?

Armin’s haircut signifies a significant change in his character, representing his personal growth and maturity. In the series, Armin has often been portrayed as a timid and insecure character, who struggles to find his place in the world. However, after the events of the fourth season, he emerges as a confident and decisive leader, who is no longer afraid to take risks and make tough decisions. His new look reflects this transformation, showing that he is ready to take on new challenges and become a stronger, more capable person.


Armin’s haircut in Attack on Titan represents a significant transformation for the character and the storyline. It is a symbol of his personal growth, a practical decision, and a sign of the evolution of the series’ animation style. Fans may have had mixed reactions to the change, but there is no denying that it has had a significant impact on the narrative and the relationships between the characters.

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