Why Does Yelena Make That Face? Decoding the Enigmatic Expression

If you watched the latest episode of Attack on Titan called “Sneak Attack”, you likely witnessed the memorable moment when Yelena scares Armin with her expression. This scene, featured in Episode 18 of Season 4 of the anime, has raised numerous questions among fans about the significance of Yelena’s face and Armin’s reaction. This article aims to clarify the reasons behind why does yelena make that face and why it frightened Armin.

Yelena’s facial expression is actually a response to Armin’s statement that they must assist the Yeagerists, indicating that they have no other option. Based on the manga and the scene’s context, Yelena employs this expression to demonstrate that she anticipated Armin’s failure to comply with her plan as intended, and the expression served to convey that to him. However, as her subsequent actions reveal, their disagreement did not escalate into a direct conflict.

In the upcoming sections of this article, we will explore in detail what happened in Episode 18 of Season 4 of the anime. You will gain additional insights into the scene in question, as well as the underlying reasons behind it. Our provided information will furnish you with all the necessary context to fully comprehend the scene.

What Was the Reason Behind Yelena’s Scary Facial Expression That Left Both Fans and Armin Bewildered?

If you watched Season 4 Episode 18 of Attack on Titan, you likely witnessed Yelena’s terrifying facial expression directed towards Armin. It was a chilling moment that frightened not only Armin but also us viewers, as it was an expression we would rather not see again. Although Yelena quickly returned to a friendly demeanor, her previous expression still lingers in our minds. So, what was the reason for her doing it? Let’s find out.

The scene takes place during a battle involving the Armored Titan, the Beast Titan, and the Attacking Titan. As Zeke arrives to assist his younger brother, Magath attempts to eliminate the Beast Titan with Pieck’s help, who carries a cannon on her back. Despite expressing doubts about the commander’s plan, Pieck joins in the attack. Meanwhile, some of the Yeagerists, including Floch, chase after their targets.

Meanwhile, the Jaw Titan and the Armored Titan appear to be severely injured but persist in their battle. As this occurs, Conny, Jean, and Armin release all the captive soldiers and discover Shadis, who although badly hurt, is still alive. Later, they encounter Dot Pixis, who confirms that he too consumed Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid.

Even though the situation is grave, the commander stays resolute and orders his soldiers to enter the front line battle. While on their way, the ex-tactical team comes across Yelena and is taken aback to see Zeke fighting. Worried for the safety of Hange and Levi, Armin feigns agreement with Yelena’s plan to avoid arousing any suspicion.

Armin tries to deceive Yelena, but she sees through his pretense. Even though the group notices her expression, Yelena decides to play along with Armin’s act. This horrifies Armin as he thinks his true intentions have been revealed. But, Yelena does not pursue the matter any further, leaving Armin unaware of the fact that she saw through his plan.

Despite the tense situation, no conflict occurs between the two sides. Armin, Mikasa, Jean, and Conny head to the front to aid Eren. Later, Zeke discovers that the Cart Titan has been disabled. The Yeagerists celebrate their victory, but Floch realizes that no one shot him. At that moment, Magath takes a shot just a few centimeters from the Beast Titan’s nape as it falls from the wall, risking a cry to protect itself.

What follows next will not be spoiled entirely, but some details will be provided to help understand the significance of Yelena’s facial expression.

After the Beast Titan is defeated, Marley’s army must prevent the two Yeager brothers from making contact and executing their plan. Eren rushes towards Zeke in his titan form, but is attacked by the Jaw Titan, which strikes his calf. However, Eren is able to defend himself and eventually defeat the Jaw Titan.

Luckily for Porco, Magath shoots the person holding the Founding Titan, preventing them from obtaining another titan power. Meanwhile, the Commander and Pieck are surrounded by the Yeagerists, and Mikasa protects Armin from a gunshot. Armin sees the Cart Titan as a potential danger and decides to eliminate the Marley soldiers first before putting it out of harm’s way.

After receiving Marcel’s memories from Reiner, Porco regains his strength and transforms into the Jaw Titan again. The battle continues with both sides fiercely fighting for victory. Meanwhile, Armin’s plan to surprise the enemy seems to work as Marley’s soldiers are caught off guard. However, the Cart Titan manages to sneak past them and heads towards Eren and Zeke. It’s at this point that Yelena’s terrifying expression from earlier becomes relevant again as she reveals her true intentions and betrays Marley.

Therefore, it is through this memory transfer that Porco discovers that he was more deserving of inheriting the Armored Titan than Reiner. Meanwhile, the Beast Titan rises from the ground, ready to let out its scream and bring an end to the battle.

In Which Episode Does Yelena Make That Face?

The scene in question can be found in Episode 18 of Season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime, which is titled “Sneak Attack“. This episode is the 77th overall and first aired on January 17, 2022. It is part of the final War for Paradis Arc.

If you’re interested in the manga version of this scene, it takes place in Chapter 118 of Attack on Titan manga, which is also called “Sneak Attack”. This chapter is the fourth chapter of Volume 29 of the manga and is the direct source of the scene depicted in the anime.

FAQ About Why Does Yelena Make That Face

Why does Yelena make that face in Attack on Titan?

Yelena makes a particular expression in the anime when she is talking with Armin and the former members of the Survey Corps. This expression is interpreted by some fans as indicating that Yelena has seen through Armin’s deception and knows his true intentions. However, it is not entirely clear what Yelena’s expression means, and some fans have suggested other possible interpretations. It is ultimately up to individual viewers to decide for themselves what Yelena’s face might signify.

What scene are people referring to when they talk about Yelena’s face in Attack on Titan?

The scene in question is from Episode 18 of Season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime, and it occurs during a conversation between Yelena and some of the main characters. Yelena’s expression during this conversation suggests that she may know more than she is letting on.

Does Yelena’s face have any significant meaning in Attack on Titan?

It is difficult to say for certain what Yelena’s expressions mean, as they are open to interpretation. Some fans speculate that her expressions may hint at her true intentions or motivations, while others believe that they are simply a reflection of her quirky personality.

Will the meaning behind Yelena’s face be revealed in future episodes or manga chapters of Attack on Titan?

It is impossible to say for certain whether or not the meaning behind Yelena’s expressions will be revealed in future episodes or manga chapters of Attack on Titan. The show’s creators have been known to leave certain plot points open to interpretation, so it is possible that Yelena’s expressions may remain a mystery.

Finishing Touch

the scene in which Yelena makes a specific facial expression in the anime Attack on Titan is an important moment in the story. It reveals the character’s true intentions and creates tension for the viewer. This scene is taken directly from the manga and shows how faithful the anime adaptation is to the source material. Overall, this moment is significant in the ongoing war for Paradis and the struggle between the different factions involved.

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