Who Killed Eren Yeager? The Unraveling of a Fan-Favorite Character in Attack on Titan

Fans of Attack on Titan were left reeling after the stunning revelation that the main character, Eren Yeager, had been killed off. For years, viewers had followed Eren’s journey from a naive, wide-eyed youth to a battle-hardened warrior, fighting against the Titans that had ravaged his world.

But in a dramatic turn of events, Eren met his untimely demise at the hands of an unknown assailant. The question on everyone’s mind is, who killed Eren Yeager? Was it one of his former comrades, seeking revenge for his actions? Or was it a more sinister force at work?

In this article, we will explore the various theories surrounding Eren’s death, examine the evidence, and ultimately attempt to uncover the truth behind this shocking turn of events.

Theories on Who Killed Eren Yeager

The death of Eren Yeager came as a shock to fans of Attack on Titan, many of whom had grown attached to the character over the years. As a result, there have been numerous theories floating around about who may have been responsible for his demise. Here are some of the most popular theories:

  • Theory 1: Mikasa Ackerman

One of the most popular theories is that Mikasa Ackerman, Eren’s childhood friend and love interest, was the one who killed him. Some fans believe that Mikasa may have been driven to kill Eren in a fit of jealousy, after he revealed that he had never reciprocated her feelings.

However, this theory seems unlikely for a few reasons. First, Mikasa is shown to be devastated by Eren’s death, which doesn’t seem consistent with her having been the one to kill him. Additionally, Mikasa is shown to be fiercely loyal to Eren throughout the series, and it’s hard to imagine her turning on him in such a drastic way.

  • Theory 2: Levi Ackerman

Another popular theory is that Levi Ackerman, the captain of the Survey Corps, was responsible for Eren’s death. Some fans believe that Levi may have killed Eren in order to prevent him from carrying out some kind of destructive plan.

However, this theory also seems unlikely. Throughout the series, Levi is shown to have a great deal of respect for Eren and to be fiercely protective of him. Additionally, Levi is shown to be highly skilled in combat, so if he had wanted to kill Eren, it’s likely that he would have been able to do so without leaving any evidence behind.

  • Theory 3: The Anti-Eldian Faction

Another theory that has been floating around is that Eren was killed by members of the Anti-Eldian faction. This group is shown to be highly hostile towards Eldians (the race to which Eren belongs) and to be willing to use violence to achieve their goals.

While this theory is intriguing, there isn’t a lot of evidence to support it. The Anti-Eldian faction is shown to be a relatively small group, and it’s unclear how they would have been able to get close enough to Eren to kill him.

  • Theory 4: Eren Himself

Perhaps the most surprising theory is that Eren himself may have been responsible for his own death. Some fans believe that Eren may have become disillusioned with the world and decided to take his own life.

While this theory is certainly a possibility, there isn’t a lot of evidence to support it. Throughout the series, Eren is shown to be a fiercely determined individual, willing to do whatever it takes to protect his friends and family. It’s hard to imagine him giving up so easily.

Examining the Evidence

So far, we’ve explored several theories about who may have killed Eren Yeager. However, in order to get closer to the truth, we need to examine the evidence that was presented in the series.

  • Firstly, it is known that Eren met his demise due to a fatal gunshot wound to the head. This suggests that his killer was someone who had access to a firearm and was skilled enough to use it accurately.
  • Secondly, we know that Eren was killed in a remote location, far away from any major cities or towns. This suggests that his killer had a specific plan in mind and was able to execute it without being detected.
  • Finally, we know that there were several individuals who had a motive to kill Eren. His actions throughout the series had made him enemies among both his former comrades and his enemies.

The Truth Revealed

After examining the evidence, it’s time to make an educated guess about who killed Eren Yeager. Based on the available evidence, it seems most likely that Eren was killed by someone who had a personal vendetta against him.

One possibility is that he was killed by someone who had been hurt by his actions, such as a former member of the Survey Corps who felt that Eren had betrayed them. Another possibility is that he was killed by an enemy who had managed to infiltrate the group and had been waiting for the right moment to strike.

Ultimately, the truth behind Eren’s death may never be fully revealed. However, what is certain is that his death has left a significant impact on the series and its fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Eren Yeager really killed off in Attack on Titan?

Yes, Eren Yeager was killed off in the final season of Attack on Titan.

Who killed Eren Yeager?

The identity of Eren’s killer has not been officially revealed.

Was Eren killed by the Titans?

No, Eren was killed by a gunshot wound to the head, indicating that he was killed by a human.

Could Mikasa have killed Eren?

It’s highly unlikely that Mikasa, who was shown to be fiercely loyal to Eren throughout the series, would have killed him.

Could Levi have killed Eren?

It’s possible that Levi, who had a strained relationship with Eren throughout the series, may have killed him. Nonetheless, there is no solid evidence to substantiate this theory.

Was Eren’s death foreshadowed in the series?

There were some hints and foreshadowing in the series that suggested Eren may not survive until the end, such as his willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

What impact has Eren’s death had on the Attack on Titan fandom?

Eren’s death has been a significant shock to many fans of the series, with some feeling that the character deserved a more heroic death. However, it has also sparked numerous discussions and theories about the true identity of his killer.

Will there be a continuation of Attack on Titan after Eren’s death?

No, the series has officially ended with Eren’s death marking the conclusion of the story.


The death of Eren Yeager was a shocking and unexpected twist in the Attack on Titan series. Fans of the show were left reeling by the loss of a beloved character, and many theories have been put forward about who may have been responsible for his death.

After examining the evidence, it seems likely that Eren was killed by someone who had a personal vendetta against him. However, the truth behind his death may never be fully revealed.

Despite the tragic loss of Eren, the Attack on Titan series will undoubtedly continue to captivate audiences for years to come. The anime’s intricate characters, exhilarating action sequences, and contemplative themes have earned it a place among the most cherished anime series of all time.

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